What to Bring With You

1) Picture I.D. 

2) Your Medical & Vision Insurance cards. 

3) A List of all medications you are currently taking, including over the counter. 

4) Your Current glasses, contact lenses, or low vision devices. 

5) Your List of current medical conditions or health problems. 

6) Contact information for your current physician. 

  1. 7) If this appointment is a referral please bring a copy of your referral letter.


Candy H.

Mansfield, WA    

So, i just moved here from San Francisco, Ca. I knew that upon getting up here i needed to go directly to an eye doctor and get my cataracts removed. I called the hospital (eye care center i had chosen while still in San Francisco) in Spokane for a recommendation and this was the eye doctor they recommended. So, i made an appointment and was super pleased with the office. Pegi (i think i got her name right) was awesome and made sure stuff went out to my insurance and would be covered, except for my co-pay which she sent a bill for (i expected one but since this insurance is new to me, i wasn't sure what that would be).  I saw Dr. Schmidt, who was wonderful and explained that i would not have to go all the way to Spokane for my surgery - we could do it right here in Grand Coulee (having grown up in a small town and being from a large city i was not expecting that and am just thrilled to have my surgery so close to me). Dr. Schmidt was able to see far more of my eye than my doctor in SF had been able to, was able to grade my cataracts more thoroughly/accurately and was able to explain it all to me in a way that put me at ease.  I'd go here for all eye care period. My husband who wears glasses will be going here as well. And honestly, it's places like this that make me grateful i moved here (ok well the peace and quiet up here does that too but amazing health and eye care makes for an awesome perk!).